Michael Gregorowicz


Programming Languages

  • Perl 5
    • Advanced understanding of Perl OO concepts
    • 20 years experience
  • PHP 3-7
  • C

Programming Projects



Dearborn, MI

the mg2 organization - Sole Author and Maintainer

  • mg2bot is an open source IRC bot written in perl and based on the Net::IRC perl module. It provides a full fledged plugin system and implements a proprietary networking protocol that enables bots to pass data and requests around it's network. The mg2bot is currently an open source project available at http://freshmeat.net/projects/mg2bot.

Independent Consulting


Karmanos Cancer Institute

Detroit, MI

Independent Consultant

  • Wrote a parser in perl to parse government packed decimal and EBCDIC data into Oracle databases for analysis. Parsed SASS input files for data typing and extraction. Data parsed was eventually used in a published paper on the effects of race in cancer treatment and diagnosis.

02/04 - 02/05

Bill Wink Chevrolet

Dearborn, MI

Independent Consultant

  • Provided client support to their network of over 40 clients. Including X11 based thin clients and Microsoft Windows 2000 based workstations. Deploy software and configure office printers, copiers, scanners, and workstations. Repeatedly called on for excellence and reliability.


All Saints Catholic School

Canton, MI

Independent Consultant

  • Configured and branded BadNews, the mg2 organization's content management system for use by All Saints Catholic School's athletics department to schedule games, post news and scores, and keep parents informed.

Volunteer Activities



Hands On Apache

Washington, DC

Learning Tree Intl

  • Outlined the basic installation and compilation of the Apache Web server, and all of the core Apache modules. Was also taught how to configure popular third party modules like mod_php, and how to configure popular third party companion applications like Jakarta Tomcat.