Michael Gregorowicz


  • Employee at a Merit Member organization for over 15 years
  • Risk aware but not risk averse, has a tool belt full of unique and capable homemade software.
  • 15+ Years Professional Experience in Information Technology

Programming Languages

  • Perl 5
    • Advanced understanding of Perl OO concepts
    • mod_perl
    • CGI
    • YAML
    • Template Toolkit
    • Net::LDAP
    • IO::Socket
    • DBI/DBD / ORMs DBIx::Class, Class::DBI
    • 20 years experience
  • PHP 3-7
  • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • AJAX / XMLHttpRequest
    • Prototype
    • JSON
  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby

Server Software

  • Sun Directory Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Fedora Directory Server
  • iPlanet Application Server 4.1+
  • Netscape Enterprise Server
  • OpenLDAP
  • Qmail
  • Sendmail
  • Apache 1.3
    • ModSSL
    • mod_perl
    • mod_rewrite
    • custom authentication
    • custom implementations
  • Apache 2
    • mod_python
  • Jakarta Tomcat

Employment History

10/01 - Present

Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Systems Architect Advisor

  • Created an innovative application system overlay that leverages jQuery and AJAX to greatly enhance vendor supplied applications without violating support agreements.
  • Migrated enterprise directory from Messaging Direct platform to the iPlanet / SunOne Directory server.
  • Acted as a key planner and technical resource in the launch of the University's main web page www.wayne.edu.
  • Developed solutions to bridge the gap between our Enterprise Directory and SCT's Banner suite of administration software.
  • Architected and authored an innovative and intuitive suite of web-based administration tools which enable the help desks throughout the campus to effectively manage users, groups, e-mail settings, and passwords. This feature rich suite of tools was celebrated for its intuition and simplicity, and was effective in reducing the call time required to assist students and faculty by over 7 minutes per call.
  • Designed a centralized statistics database for arbitrary log data. The system allows for reading live data from files, sockets, or commands. The data is then transformed by a data source driver into a uniform MySQL database table for statistical analysis.
  • Designed and implemented the University's official single sign on framework: wayneAuth.
  • Assisted other universities in their implementations of single sign on, and E-Mail systems.
  • Submitted and had accepted patches to Blackboard Inc's E-Learning system that repaired bugs that had been present in their system for months.
  • Streamlined Blackboard's data integration with our administrative system(s) (Banner) by writing an advanced set of data processing programs and utilities. The programs automated a very complicated procedure which was taking employees hours per day to perform manually.
  • Supported and maintained the Blackboard Inc's E-Learning system at Wayne State. Blackboard, under my supervision, achieved record availability.
  • Implemented a version control system with LDAP based access control, wiki, issue tracking, and lightweight project management capabilities. Oversaw its adoption and growth to almost 400 university projects.
  • Created custom addons for the Blackboard Learning System using their Java APIs.
  • Acted as a consultant, contributing developer, and organizer on the Wayne State broadcast messaging team.
  • Acted as a policy advisor and then created tools and web services that enhance the strength of passwords in various systems around campus.
  • Acted as the sole maintainer and architect behind Wayne State University's LDAP implementation and identity management solutions.
  • Designed and authored LDIP the LDIF Data Integration Pipeline system. LDIP is a state machine based IDM. The platform allows for maximum flexibility in dealing with tricky data from multiple sources, exceptions, and special cases. LDIP, now partially decommissioned after serving as Wayne State University's identity management system for over 10 years, has handled over 600 million create/change/delete actions.
  • Proposed a world class hardware environment for hosting Blackboard using AMD Opteron processors on 64-bit Red Hat Linux, cluster-aware file systems and Oracle RAC; providing a high availability environment while realizing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings over SPARC based Sun equipment.
  • Centralized administration of user accounts and e-mail systems by creating sandalone internet services. These services interconnect systems that otherwise would not interface with one another.
  • Crafted fair benchmarks based on Java XML parsers to test multiple hardware platforms. Using data gathered from these tests, we were able to clearly identify hardware platforms which could alleviate existing application bottlenecks.
  • Helped administer and secure NT and UNIX based web servers running IIS and Apache.

04/00 - 10/01

Commerce One

Dearborn, MI

Technical Consultant

  • Solely responsible for maintaining Ford of Europe's internal web center providing 24/7 support to a worldwide user base. Supervised seamless transition to EMC disk arrays to provide increased storage capacity.
  • Supported user base of over 7000 developers and over 80 web servers running Solaris 2.5.1/2.6/8, and Netscape Enterprise Server/iPlanet.
  • Supported operating environment by writing and debugging multiple programs to maintain file, user, and system security and uptime.
  • Responsible for installing all third-party support software and maintaining documentation.

01/98 - 04/00

National Tech Team

Dearborn, MI

UNIX / PC Technical Specialist

  • Team's key technical contact for all technical support issues
  • Provided hardware and software support for Sun, SGI, and HPUX workstations.
  • Promoted repeatedly for excellence.

Programming Projects

Volunteer Activities



Hands On Apache

Washington, DC

Learning Tree Intl

  • Outlined the basic installation and compilation of the Apache Web server, and all of the core Apache modules. Was also taught how to configure popular third party modules like mod_php, and how to configure popular third party companion applications like Jakarta Tomcat.